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I stumbled upon this Zombie Flash Fiction Competition from my Twitter feed, and--probably because I was already stressed out from writing all those biopsy reports--this little story sort of wrote itself.

I missed writing, really. It feels like a long, long time since I had done so. (Which is true.)

Hope you enjoy! And to Stuffed Olive, sorry for suddenly joining in the challenge even if this is the first time I've gone to your was just too much fun to pass up! ^^;

'Til Death Do Us Part
Celestine Trinidad

The downside to finding true and everlasting love, Nikki realized, was that even when bad things happen, that love stays exactly that, everlasting—even when your boyfriend had already turned into a mindless zombie.

"Please, please," Nikki begged James as they walked through the ruined streets of the city, "just please, stop this—"

One of the corpses beside them suddenly stirred, and lunged at her. It grabbed her by the waist, and she fell to the ground. She closed her eyes, waiting for its sweet, sweet teeth to sink into her skin and bring her the death (or undeath) she sorely wanted to have.

It didn't come. When she opened her eyes, she saw that James had already pulled the zombie away from her. He gouged out one of its eyeballs, and the zombie fled, howling.

"Stop protecting me!" she cried out in exasperation. "The rest of the world has been turned. You were turned. I'm the only one left! Eat me, please. Or let someone, anyone, eat me."

James turned to her, and for a second she thought comprehension dawned on his rotting face, but his head suddenly whipped to the side, sniffing the floor. He dove to the ground and started chewing on the remains of someone's leg. He held one piece up for her, groaning incoherently.

"Sometimes I wish you didn't love me so damn much," she sighed. But she took the meat anyway. She sat down beside him, and they ate together in silence.


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