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So I realized today that I've had this account for almost two years, and I still haven't posted anything in it. Or done anything really useful with it. ^^; I would blame clerkship/internship, but now that internship is winding down to a close (thank goodness), and I would have a few months of relative peace where my time would finally be my own (until I take the board exams, and hopefully, I start my residency), I decided to revive this journal.

So, first things first, an introduction:

My name is Celestine Trinidad, although I've also been known by a couple of other nicknames in the past (Leslie, Misty, Megane-chan, Lucky Chan), and I am a post-graduate medical intern from the Philippines. Despite my really hectic schedule (and really, this is not just an excuse people in the medical field like to give, it's actually true XD), I still love to write. I have a couple of stories printed on a few publications, mostly genre/speculative fiction. I'm also an avid reader (of almost anything, even, as I always like to say, nutritional information on food cartons), as well as an anime/manga fan.

My author profile on the site Rocket Kapre, which contains a list of my published works so far: Celestine Trinidad.

So, what will this journal contain? Probably reviews of books/movies or whatever I am into (I claimed a prompt on Frequently (And Not So Frequently) Asked Questions on the Philippines, so I'll be posting about Filipino comics in a bit), and probably some other writerly stuff (I'm thinking of posting about common medical mistakes seen in fiction, since it is one of my pet peeves). Any other suggestions?

So anyway, hello again to all of you, and hearing what you guys have to say too! :)


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