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I know, it's been a long, long time since I posted here. Anyway, first things first, Happy New Year everyone! How are all of you? I've been keeping up with most of your posts, actually, and I try to comment every now and then, but I would still like to know how you're all doing. Anything new and exciting happen to you over the past year?

On my part, I'm not sure if I can say anything exciting happened to me this year, but this year has been quite an experience. Since I haven't had the chance to post about it before, I guess I should explain... I'm currently taking up a residency in Pathology at the hospital connected to my med school. Pathology is a bit of an uncommon specialty in my field, unlike, say, Surgery or Pediatrics, but we pathologists are the people who work in the lab, analyzing blood samples and all sorts of body fluids (hehe), as well as biopsy specimens. Surgically removed organs and amputated limbs and such. And oh yeah, we do autopsies too.

I...may have made my specialty sound a lot more morbid than it actually is, ahaha. XD

Seriously though, it's not really as weird as it sounds, and my days in the residency program are actually a bit more mundane than that...full of paperwork and conferences and a number of boring things too. But I'm really enjoying the work, even though it has its share of difficulties and drama as well, but I managed to survive the year somehow. And I do feel as if I made the right choice, and I belong here.

I hope the feeling stays with me until I graduate, ehehe.

I've been going through a bit of personal drama though, so I haven't been as productive, writing-wise. I did get a couple of stories published in the beginning of the year, but that was it.

I guess this year, even without really thinking consciously about it, I let my fear of never being good enough get in the way of writing. Not being good enough not just when it comes to writing, but well, everything else, actually. I always say that one shouldn't mind what other people are saying and keep doing what you love anyway, but there comes a point when you no longer can shut them out, and even without wanting them to, they drown out your ability to dream.

Sorry for being so dreary. Happy thoughts for the new year, right? Since I think I know now where the problem lies, I'm going to change all that this year. But I would still appreciate some happy thoughts and encouragement from you guys too, though. :)

So anyway, Happy New Year to all of you, and to you and your loved ones! Feel free to leave a comment, I miss talking to you guys.

2012 In Review

Original Short Fiction Published

"Taking Gaia", included in the Diaspora Ad Astra anthology edited by Joseph Nacino and Emil Flores
"Under A Mound of Earth" Part 1, Part 2, included in the Philippine Genre Stories webzine edited by Kenneth Yu
"A Dance Under Moonlight", gift fic for Alli Sana at the Dormant Muses 2012 Secret Santa

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