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Was buried in leftover paperwork from our Pediatrics rotation yesterday, and I also got sick (I think it's just IBS again, maybe I got stressed out somehow?), so I missed posting for the meme. I'm feeling a bit better now though. :)

4. How much of the story do you know before you start writing it? Do you use outlines?

At least I need to know generally how it ends, so while writing I at least have some idea where the story will eventually go, even if I get stuck in the middle. (Which I usually do.) Because really, my stories always go places I never thought they would go when I first dreamed them up.

This is also why I usually no longer make outlines--most often I don't end up following them anyway. (Making character profiles are more useful to me.)

5. What tools do you use to write? Audio recordings, pen and paper, computer software, other methods, some mixture thereof?

I do the actual writing (er, typing) directly on my computer, although I have a writing notebook where I can jot down ideas or snippets or character profiles while I don't have access to my computer. I'm trying out Storybox right now, and it seems okay so far too. (And it's free. Hehe!)

That's all for now. Here's a link for any of you who might be interested:

Call for Manuscript Submissions – Vee Press


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