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I won't be around for the next three days since I'll be out of town (Disneyland here I come~ XD I'm such a kid, sorry). Hopefully the rain would let up (isn't it supposed to be still summer here? Augh) and the trip will go fine. I haven't traveled in quite a while, and I'm really excited, although also quite nervous. ^^;

By the way, I'm currently slightly obsessed with classical pop/rock fusion artists (the likes of Maksim, Vanessa Mae, Bond) since I realized they're great music to listen to while studying -- they help so I don't fall asleep while studying, I also don't get distracted since I can't sing along with them -- and I was wondering if you guys know of any other artists of this genre? Thanks. :)

On to the writing meme!

8. What kind of support, if any, do you get for your writing?

Uh, I'm not sure if I understood the question right, but the kind of support I get for my writing mostly is moral support? (Not financial support from academic grants or the like, I've never had any formal training with writing, you see.) :) From friends and family, I mean, both online and offline. They help by giving tips, critiques, and even story ideas (sometimes by just being such characters themselves), and my writing all the better for them.

I'm really glad that my parents never dissuaded me from writing while I was still in med school, and even encouraged me to keep doing so. Back in high school, when I was choosing my course for college, I remember having this conversation with my father. I was supposed to pick a science course since I was graduating from a science high school, and at the time I already wanted to be a doctor, but I still wanted to write, so it was a really tough decision for me. So I told him about my problem, and he just smiled and said, "Why can't you be both?"

It's really hard to be both, though, believe me, but I still would like to try.

That's all for now. Oh, and Happy Mothers' Day to all moms! :)
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