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Today marks the first day of (relative) freedom, as internship is finally over, and for three months until the boards in August, except for the board review that I have to go to school for on weekdays, I'm on a (sort of) vacation. Which means more sleeping, more reading, more writing. (Hopefully.)

So to start off the month, a question from the May Writing Meme, hosted by [personal profile] jjhunter.

1. Why do you write?

As with my answer to [personal profile] yifu's writer friending meme, because I can't seem not to. I would be sitting in class or in a conference, and I suddenly think of a detail for a story, or someone would say something in passing and I would suddenly think, "Hey, that would make a good story," (for example, one of my mystery stories actually came about just because a classmate of mine was wondering if one could die if he were hit with a durian fruit). It's sometimes really inconvenient (because I tend to drift off during lectures, for one, and I end up writing when everyone else is studying), and I don't always have the time to write, so I'd be slightly obsessed with the story idea until I can actually sit down and write. And even when writing gives me a lot of grief sometimes, since I can never be as good or as popular as I wish I could be, I just couldn't give it up.

And well, there's nothing more fulfilling for me than having someone enjoy reading a story I wrote. :)

That's all for now. To close the post, some interesting original fiction/fanfic comment fic prompts I found:

Original Fic Commentfest
Famous Firsts
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