May. 7th, 2011

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Going to the Metro Comic Con was fun overall! *waves to [personal profile] ekmisao* Almost used up most of my allowance for the week on local indie comics (you just don't notice anymore that you've already bought quite a lot, since the comics by themselves were really very affordable). I also found a really interesting book, "The Aswang Inquiry", which lists details on the aswang, a witch/evil creature in our folk tales who eat either human innards or live fetuses, accompanied by really pretty illustrations (despite the rather morbid/disturbing topics the book covers) by Gilda Cordero-Fernando.

7. Do you use beta reader(s)? If so, what do you look for in a beta reader? What specialties would your ideal beta have?

I do! [personal profile] inkstone used to be my beta reader/editor for "Alternate Futures" (which I still have to continue, btw...Vern, would you still be willing to beta read it if ever I do get back to writing it?), and [personal profile] ekmisao and I exchange stories for each other to beta read. :) I love having beta readers because despite how meticulously I edit, some plot holes/grammar errors still escape my notice.

What I like about my beta readers is that they're all so honest, who give really helpful and constructive comments, so not only do I now know what is wrong with what I had just written, I also know now how to fix these errors. So thank you, guys. :)


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