And the usual dismemberment

Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:01 am
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Yesterday my phone rang and I answered, not looking at the caller's number, thinking it was my mother. The caller asked for me by my full name, and I realized she was speaking Malay. Basically, she asked about a package from Amazon UK, whether I've received it and when. I had to speak loudly because the connection wasn't that good. After the call ended, I stared at the caller's number. Yes, it's a Malaysian number. The point is that I was surprised that the closest (the main?) drop-off point for Amazon UK deliveries seems to be in Malaysia.

The top 10 scenes from Shingeki no Kyojin S2. Carnage! Mind control! Possibly failed kiss!

Housekeeping and varying results

Jun. 20th, 2017 12:23 pm
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Icon purge! Out of 69 icons I deleted 61 and felt good about it. This one is new, made from [ profile] silverwind's scans of Naruto Stage Play 2017 bromides.

If you swear by your Myers-Briggs type, we have bad news. That explains why I got different results each time.

Teshirogi Shiori draws Justice League Origin: Wonder Woman manga. Superman looks like short-haired Gemini Aspros.

Probably shameful confession: I watched the first season of the TV series Gotham, just because it's readily available. The cliches, they abound. The future Penguin and Riddler are suitably irritating with dedicated performance by their actors. As an origin story it's so-so. Teen Bruce is slowly gaining bigger confidence in himself, and looks vaguely like one of my friends' son. Teen Selina is very beautiful, like a young Michelle Pfeiffer, and morally flexible.
I haven't checked Wiki yet but the series seems to end in S3 with a 2-hour long season finale? Might just go straight there.

Of titanic franchises

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:01 am
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Mesmerizing mermaid photos reveal awful truth about our oceans.
The spinoffs of Attack on Titan. The light novel Before the Fall and most of the spinoff manga series have been licensed in Indonesia, except for Lost Girls (why).

♦ It's probably official that Toei has forgotten about the Saintia Shou anime or is moving it to another date farther down the calendar.
In unrelated news, Hori Hideyuki is still voice-acting. :o

♦ Upcoming wuxia adaptations that are not Jin Yong:

Gu Long: The Twins, Liu Xiaofeng, Chu Liuxiang
Liang Yusheng: Wudang Yijian. Bottom line: A boy grows up to avenge parents and gets entangled in Wudang business. As always, producers aren't that eager for Liang's novels where a woman (or more than one) is the focus or on the title, except when they can rewrite the story into a trajik romance. *sigh*

3 Good Things

Jun. 15th, 2017 08:26 pm
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1. I went to parkour class tonight for the first time in several months, and had an awesome time. \o/

1a. So did my friend M- from work - her very first parkour class ever. ("Thanks so much for the invite! A little bloody but so fun!")

2. Last week I paid off the last of my student loans.

3. We have sugar snap pea plants growing up our back porch railings, and one has almost reached the top.


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