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Birthdate:Dec 10
Lucky Chan (a.k.a. Celestine, Leslie, Misty, Megane-chan, etc) is a walking contradiction, in so many ways. She can be girly and boyish, silent and overly talkative, a hopeless romantic and a bitter cynic, a procrastinator and a workaholic, all at the same time.

Even her tastes in men range from the extreme...she only likes two types of male characters in the series she likes, actually: the extremely nice ones, the likes of Kogure Kiminobu from Slam Dunk; and the extremely evil and/or manipulative ones, the likes of Yakushi Kabuto from Naruto. You may also notice that the characters mentioned all wear glasses: she does, in fact, have a great weakness for men who wear them.

Other less strange, and more consistent things about her: she is a proud Filipino, a writer (only in the sense that she likes to write), an anime/manga fan, a bookworm.
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