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Hello everyone, how are all of you? Breaking the silence this time to post some good news (and a bit of shameless plugging at the same time, heh). My story, "Finding Those Who Are Lost" is included in the anthology, "Outpouring: Typhoon Yolanda Relief Anthology", edited by Dean Francis Alfar. All proceeds from the anthology will go to the Philippine Red Cross, which will aid in the continuing relief efforts for the victims of this terrible tragedy.

The anthology includes the following stories:

“The Wordeaters” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
“Invisible Empire of Ascending Light” by Ken Scholes
“The Photograph” by Veronica Montes
“A Moment in Time” by Charie D. La Marr
“A Gentlemen's Agreement” by Susan S.Lara
“X” by Karissa Chen
“Cunning Syncronicity” by Berrien C. Henderson
“Godsend” by Joel Pablo Salud
“Ondoy” by Laura McPhee-Browne
“Rescuing the Rain God” by Kate Osias
“The Wish Head” by Jeffrey Ford
“Flash Forward” by Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz
“Where Sky and Sea Meet” by Dan Campbell
“Arrow” by Barry King
“Finding Those Who Are Lost” by Celestine Trinidad
“Synchronicity” by Victor Fernando R. Ocampo
“We're All Stories in the End” by Matthew J. Rogers
“Silverio and the Eidolon” by Vincent Michael Simbulan
“Tinkerers” by Jay Wilburn
“Finding” by David B. Ramirez
“Ikan Berbudi (Wise Fish)” by Jason Erik Lundberg
“Pilar Escheverria” by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard
“Scraps” by Michael Haynes
“Freeborn in the City of Fallacies” by Andrew Drilon
“Storm Warning” by Lilian Csernica
“The Nameless Ones” by Gabriela Lee
“Whispers” by Grant J. McMaster
“Highway Run” by Alexander Marcos Osias
“Black Sun” by Todd Nelsen
“Life at the Lake's Shore” by Alex Shvartsman
“Aliens” by Fiona Mae Villamor
“Little Italy” by Isa Lorenzo
“Discipline” by Rebecca McFarland Kyle
“Unmaking” by Julie C. Day
“Fresh Fruit” by Yvette Tan
“The Sparrows of Climaco Avenue” by Kenneth Yu
“Gellen's Retirement Plan” by Tim Sullivan
“When We Were Witches” by Nikki Alfar
“All the Little Gods We Are” by John Grant
“Tuba Knight” by Cesar Miguel G. Escaño

I'm really happy about this, because I really do think that the victims of the typhoon still need help now, and every little bit given to them will go a long way. Also, the story is a Tikbalang and Sinukuan (Maria and Juan) mystery, and I really did miss writing these two. (With all their snark and sarcasm, hee. <3)

I hope you do consider getting a copy! It's available online from these venues:

Wizard’s Tower Books:

Thank you for your support! :) Hope all of you are doing fine.
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My country, the Philippines, was recently hit by a supertyphoon, named Yolanda (or Haiyan, internationally). It wreaked havoc in the Visayas region, particularly the provinces of Samar, Leyte, north Cebu, Negros, Panay, as well as in Romblon, Mindoro and Palawan.

My family and I are all right, but the extent of the destruction in these areas, and all those lives lost, is truly heartbreaking. We're helping out as much as we can, and hopefully, through the efforts of all those who are lending a hand, those affected by this typhoon, can recover.

By the way, the LJ group [ profile] fandomaid is hosting a buy-it-now fundraiser for the victims of typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. I put up an offer here.

I'm offering original fic (Philippine mythology and folklore, as well as the Sinukuan and Tikbalang series) and fanfic (Noli/Fili, because I noticed no one had offered it yet, as well as Trese, since I was working on that crossover fic anyway). Thank you!
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I stumbled upon this Zombie Flash Fiction Competition from my Twitter feed, and--probably because I was already stressed out from writing all those biopsy reports--this little story sort of wrote itself.

I missed writing, really. It feels like a long, long time since I had done so. (Which is true.)

Hope you enjoy! And to Stuffed Olive, sorry for suddenly joining in the challenge even if this is the first time I've gone to your was just too much fun to pass up! ^^;

Zombie Flash Fiction )
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I know, it's been a long, long time since I posted here. Anyway, first things first, Happy New Year everyone! How are all of you? I've been keeping up with most of your posts, actually, and I try to comment every now and then, but I would still like to know how you're all doing. Anything new and exciting happen to you over the past year?

On my part, I'm not sure if I can say anything exciting happened to me this year, but this year has been quite an experience. Since I haven't had the chance to post about it before, I guess I should explain... I'm currently taking up a residency in Pathology at the hospital connected to my med school. Pathology is a bit of an uncommon specialty in my field, unlike, say, Surgery or Pediatrics, but we pathologists are the people who work in the lab, analyzing blood samples and all sorts of body fluids (hehe), as well as biopsy specimens. Surgically removed organs and amputated limbs and such. And oh yeah, we do autopsies too.

I...may have made my specialty sound a lot more morbid than it actually is, ahaha. XD

Seriously though, it's not really as weird as it sounds, and my days in the residency program are actually a bit more mundane than that...full of paperwork and conferences and a number of boring things too. But I'm really enjoying the work, even though it has its share of difficulties and drama as well, but I managed to survive the year somehow. And I do feel as if I made the right choice, and I belong here.

I hope the feeling stays with me until I graduate, ehehe.

I've been going through a bit of personal drama though, so I haven't been as productive, writing-wise. I did get a couple of stories published in the beginning of the year, but that was it.

I guess this year, even without really thinking consciously about it, I let my fear of never being good enough get in the way of writing. Not being good enough not just when it comes to writing, but well, everything else, actually. I always say that one shouldn't mind what other people are saying and keep doing what you love anyway, but there comes a point when you no longer can shut them out, and even without wanting them to, they drown out your ability to dream.

Sorry for being so dreary. Happy thoughts for the new year, right? Since I think I know now where the problem lies, I'm going to change all that this year. But I would still appreciate some happy thoughts and encouragement from you guys too, though. :)

So anyway, Happy New Year to all of you, and to you and your loved ones! Feel free to leave a comment, I miss talking to you guys.

2012 In Review

Original Short Fiction Published

"Taking Gaia", included in the Diaspora Ad Astra anthology edited by Joseph Nacino and Emil Flores
"Under A Mound of Earth" Part 1, Part 2, included in the Philippine Genre Stories webzine edited by Kenneth Yu
"A Dance Under Moonlight", gift fic for Alli Sana at the Dormant Muses 2012 Secret Santa

Books Read )

TV Series Watched )


Aug. 17th, 2011 06:41 pm
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Thank you again, everyone, for all your good wishes/prayers/support, because:

I am now a licensed physician.

I'm still a bit dizzy from all the cheering and giggling and jumping up and down about the news, so it hasn't properly sunk in yet, but anyway...

Thanks again, everyone! Such love for all of you! XD And congratulations to all of us newly licensed physicians!
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I know I disappeared around here for the past month, mostly due to studying (or pretending to, at least), because on Saturday, August 6, up to next Sunday, August 14, along with most of my batchmates, I will be taking the Philippine Physician Licensure Examinations. And this is probably one of the most important exams I will be taking in my entire life, ehe.

I'm actually really really nervous about the exam, because not only do I have to pass each and every subject, I have to get a passing total average too--and with subjects like Gross Anatomy still plaguing me after all these years, that's not a very easy thing to do. Sigh.

So um, prayers/best wishes would be very much appreciated?

Thanks so much, readlist. :)
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So judgement day has come and gone, and I think I'm still alive. How are you guys doing? XD

Got really behind on this, as RL stuff kept me busy. As I'm getting quite sick of studying at the moment (was studying non-stop to make up for my laziness the past few weeks), let me take a break by answering the meme:

Writing meme answers! Cut for length. )

In other news, I'm finally watching stuff again. I'm rather currently obsessed with Castle again (on Season 2, finally) and Ao no Exorcist (I'm very fond of Rin and rather ridiculously in love with Yukio, and I haven't liked a character like that in a long, long time! I hope this keeps up.)
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Title: Late
Author: [personal profile] luckychan
Artist: [ profile] connikins
Genre: Fantasy
Pairings: N/A
Word Count: 2254 words
Rating: T
Warnings: character death, implications of self-harm/suicide
Summary: She has to save them, but it might be too late.
Author's Notes: For the Reverse Bang Challenge 2011 over at [community profile] originalbigbang. Art Master Post is here (so you can see Connie's wonderful art that inspired the story): Dreamwidth / Livejournal.
And yes, the allusions to a certain classic novel were intentional. ^^;

She knew she could find him, even in the gray bleakness of this place. )
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I'm back from Disneyland! Heeeee from our vacation, and would have posted sooner, but other RL responsibilities (I really, really hate having to deal with lost records and end-of-the-year clearances, they're such a chore) kept me away until now.

So hello, everyone, how have you all been?

Anyway, this is a long-delayed post for [personal profile] starlurker's project, Frequently (Or Not So Frequently) Asked Questions About The Philippines. [personal profile] littlebutfierce asked about Filipino comic books, so in this post I'm going to start talking about them.

I'm not sure if I qualify as a hardcore comic book fan or anything, but I've always loved reading comics, even before I got into manga and graphic novels, and I have a special place in my heart for the comic strips published on the daily newspaper. Whenever I read the paper (until now actually) I usually end up turning to the comics section first, because it's just the kind of pick-me-up I'd need to face the day ahead.

So part one of the FONSFAQ posts I now dedicate to these comic strips.

By the way, this is a wonderful site, from which I got some of the info on this post: Komiklopedia. Do check it out.

(I'll only be discussing at length three series since these are the ones I really followed over the years; but if you wish to know more about any other series you have heard of before, do say so in the comments and I can add them in a later post. Also, do comment if you want translations of the strips. :D)

Filipino Comic Books: Part 1. Rather image-heavy. )

That's all for the first part. Next time, I'll be talking about graphic novel series. Feel free to share your thoughts! :)
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I won't be around for the next three days since I'll be out of town (Disneyland here I come~ XD I'm such a kid, sorry). Hopefully the rain would let up (isn't it supposed to be still summer here? Augh) and the trip will go fine. I haven't traveled in quite a while, and I'm really excited, although also quite nervous. ^^;

By the way, I'm currently slightly obsessed with classical pop/rock fusion artists (the likes of Maksim, Vanessa Mae, Bond) since I realized they're great music to listen to while studying -- they help so I don't fall asleep while studying, I also don't get distracted since I can't sing along with them -- and I was wondering if you guys know of any other artists of this genre? Thanks. :)

On to the writing meme!

8. What kind of support, if any, do you get for your writing?

Uh, I'm not sure if I understood the question right, but the kind of support I get for my writing mostly is moral support? (Not financial support from academic grants or the like, I've never had any formal training with writing, you see.) :) From friends and family, I mean, both online and offline. They help by giving tips, critiques, and even story ideas (sometimes by just being such characters themselves), and my writing all the better for them.

I'm really glad that my parents never dissuaded me from writing while I was still in med school, and even encouraged me to keep doing so. Back in high school, when I was choosing my course for college, I remember having this conversation with my father. I was supposed to pick a science course since I was graduating from a science high school, and at the time I already wanted to be a doctor, but I still wanted to write, so it was a really tough decision for me. So I told him about my problem, and he just smiled and said, "Why can't you be both?"

It's really hard to be both, though, believe me, but I still would like to try.

That's all for now. Oh, and Happy Mothers' Day to all moms! :)
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Going to the Metro Comic Con was fun overall! *waves to [personal profile] ekmisao* Almost used up most of my allowance for the week on local indie comics (you just don't notice anymore that you've already bought quite a lot, since the comics by themselves were really very affordable). I also found a really interesting book, "The Aswang Inquiry", which lists details on the aswang, a witch/evil creature in our folk tales who eat either human innards or live fetuses, accompanied by really pretty illustrations (despite the rather morbid/disturbing topics the book covers) by Gilda Cordero-Fernando.

7. Do you use beta reader(s)? If so, what do you look for in a beta reader? What specialties would your ideal beta have?

I do! [personal profile] inkstone used to be my beta reader/editor for "Alternate Futures" (which I still have to continue, btw...Vern, would you still be willing to beta read it if ever I do get back to writing it?), and [personal profile] ekmisao and I exchange stories for each other to beta read. :) I love having beta readers because despite how meticulously I edit, some plot holes/grammar errors still escape my notice.

What I like about my beta readers is that they're all so honest, who give really helpful and constructive comments, so not only do I now know what is wrong with what I had just written, I also know now how to fix these errors. So thank you, guys. :)
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Will be going to the Metro Comic Con tomorrow! Hope I can find more stuff to read (as if I didn't already have a large enough pile of books still waiting to be read), and maybe meet (fangirl?) over some authors I know.

6. How do you come up with names and story titles?

For names, I get them from either the people I know or random names I encounter in the news, in old yearbooks, and sometimes in folk tales. For example, the main character of "Alternate Futures", that old old story of mine, was actually named after an online friend (Allisana), because her name was really unusual and I found that it could be broken down to different nicknames, which was essential to the story. (It was about a girl meeting her other selves from parallel dimensions.) I choose names according to the image those names conjure for me, say, I'd call a soft-spoken diwata Mayumi, and the like.

As for story titles...I actually really suck at making them. :l I usually end up writing the entire story first then struggling with the title, and usually they end up being really dull, like "Sky Blue" or "Remembrance". This is something I really have to work on, so if you have any tips, I'd be really happy to hear them. :)
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(Uh, I love this Patrick icon to bits.)

Was buried in leftover paperwork from our Pediatrics rotation yesterday, and I also got sick (I think it's just IBS again, maybe I got stressed out somehow?), so I missed posting for the meme. I'm feeling a bit better now though. :)

4. How much of the story do you know before you start writing it? Do you use outlines?

At least I need to know generally how it ends, so while writing I at least have some idea where the story will eventually go, even if I get stuck in the middle. (Which I usually do.) Because really, my stories always go places I never thought they would go when I first dreamed them up.

This is also why I usually no longer make outlines--most often I don't end up following them anyway. (Making character profiles are more useful to me.)

5. What tools do you use to write? Audio recordings, pen and paper, computer software, other methods, some mixture thereof?

I do the actual writing (er, typing) directly on my computer, although I have a writing notebook where I can jot down ideas or snippets or character profiles while I don't have access to my computer. I'm trying out Storybox right now, and it seems okay so far too. (And it's free. Hehe!)

That's all for now. Here's a link for any of you who might be interested:

Call for Manuscript Submissions – Vee Press
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Hooray for summer book sales! Finally got the first volume of a local comic (which would be a big help on the post I'm writing on Filipino comics for FONSFAQ Philippines--I'll be posting this soon I promise) and a hardbound, previously owned (but still in really good condition) copy of "Heart-Shaped Box" by Joe Hill, both for less than P200. (I heard that the "Heart-Shaped Box" was pretty good and creepy over all. Is that right?)

Meme time!

How often do you write? Do you have any writing rituals? Say, certain locations, beverages, background music, times of day, target word counts, etc.?

I try to write at least once every week. I used to set target word counts per week (1000 word at least) but found that wasn't really effective for me, so now I just write as much as I can, with less pressure on myself.

Writing rituals? Hmm. I find it easier to type directly instead of writing a draft down first, and I like writing on our dining table. (I think the smell of food inspires me to write, hehe.) I also realized that I am able to churn out more words when I write in the evenings.

One weird writing ritual that I have is sometimes when I'm completely alone, I actually act out scenes from my stories. Reading the dialogue out loud helps them flow more naturally somehow.
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I managed to survive sitting in the boards review for the entire day (about seven hours, I think), and managed to only fall asleep once. Which is quite an achievement.

...I really should start worrying about the boards, but I'm way too lazy to. *sigh*


2. What piece of writing are you most proud of?

For original fiction, that would be "The Storyteller and the Giant", and up to now I still can't believe it won a Palanca. I wrote it then without really thinking about style or any other technical details as I used to in the previous years, because by then I was already kind of tired of working really hard on the stories I wrote for the Palanca and never winning. So in the end, I just had fun with the story, and to my surprise (and joy), it won anyway.

For fanfiction, I'm still really proud of this fic: Homecoming, featuring Seta Soujirou (Rurouni Kenshin). I still feel as if I could rewrite this into an original story someday.
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Today marks the first day of (relative) freedom, as internship is finally over, and for three months until the boards in August, except for the board review that I have to go to school for on weekdays, I'm on a (sort of) vacation. Which means more sleeping, more reading, more writing. (Hopefully.)

So to start off the month, a question from the May Writing Meme, hosted by [personal profile] jjhunter.

1. Why do you write?

As with my answer to [personal profile] yifu's writer friending meme, because I can't seem not to. I would be sitting in class or in a conference, and I suddenly think of a detail for a story, or someone would say something in passing and I would suddenly think, "Hey, that would make a good story," (for example, one of my mystery stories actually came about just because a classmate of mine was wondering if one could die if he were hit with a durian fruit). It's sometimes really inconvenient (because I tend to drift off during lectures, for one, and I end up writing when everyone else is studying), and I don't always have the time to write, so I'd be slightly obsessed with the story idea until I can actually sit down and write. And even when writing gives me a lot of grief sometimes, since I can never be as good or as popular as I wish I could be, I just couldn't give it up.

And well, there's nothing more fulfilling for me than having someone enjoy reading a story I wrote. :)

That's all for now. To close the post, some interesting original fiction/fanfic comment fic prompts I found:

Original Fic Commentfest
Famous Firsts
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So I realized today that I've had this account for almost two years, and I still haven't posted anything in it. Or done anything really useful with it. ^^; I would blame clerkship/internship, but now that internship is winding down to a close (thank goodness), and I would have a few months of relative peace where my time would finally be my own (until I take the board exams, and hopefully, I start my residency), I decided to revive this journal.

So, first things first, an introduction:

My name is Celestine Trinidad, although I've also been known by a couple of other nicknames in the past (Leslie, Misty, Megane-chan, Lucky Chan), and I am a post-graduate medical intern from the Philippines. Despite my really hectic schedule (and really, this is not just an excuse people in the medical field like to give, it's actually true XD), I still love to write. I have a couple of stories printed on a few publications, mostly genre/speculative fiction. I'm also an avid reader (of almost anything, even, as I always like to say, nutritional information on food cartons), as well as an anime/manga fan.

My author profile on the site Rocket Kapre, which contains a list of my published works so far: Celestine Trinidad.

So, what will this journal contain? Probably reviews of books/movies or whatever I am into (I claimed a prompt on Frequently (And Not So Frequently) Asked Questions on the Philippines, so I'll be posting about Filipino comics in a bit), and probably some other writerly stuff (I'm thinking of posting about common medical mistakes seen in fiction, since it is one of my pet peeves). Any other suggestions?

So anyway, hello again to all of you, and hearing what you guys have to say too! :)

First Post

May. 2nd, 2009 05:12 pm
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I'm not sure what to do with this journal, actually. Mostly I'll be using it to follow certain people from my Livejournal friends-list who moved here, but I might add more content eventually. I want it to be a bit different from my old journal, but...I don't know what to put just yet, ehehe. ^^;

Anyway, see you guys around!
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